Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram has been a hot topic since the agreement was announced on Monday. Opinions and speculations of all types have surfaced. What’s going to happen to Instagram now? Why did Facebook want Instagram? Was this a good business decision for Facebook? These are some of the most popular questions revolving around the deal.

Overall, the mass public’s opinion on the deal seems to be far from positive. An analysis by Crimson Hexagon showed that out of 200,000 tweets mentioning the acquisition only 12 percent were positive while 35 percent were negative and 52 percent were neutral. These findings echo the opinions I’ve seen broadcasted over the web. There have been a significant amount of negative reactions, detailing worries ranging from Facebook ruining Instagram to Instagram no longer being “cool.” Some have voiced the concern that Instagram will no longer be allowed to upload to other social media sites (i.e. Twitter), however Mark Zuckerberg seemed to put that idea to rest in his personal announcement of the deal on Facebook.

CNN iReport's Instagram compilation of viewers' opinions on the Facebook deal

However, there are those on the other side of the fence. Many have cited Google’s successful takeover of YouTube to show how this acquisition could benefit all parties involved as well. In his op-ed, Chris Taylor mentions how perhaps the introduction of the app for Android wouldn’t have taken so long if the team had Facebook’s resources.

The other issue being discussed is the motivation behind the acquisition. Some have disputed the worth of Instagram and can’t believe Facebook shelled out $1 billion for it. I, like others, believe it was a smart move on Facebook’s part. Facebook has always valued photo sharing, yet hasn’t been able to capture mobile audiences the way Instagram has. Facebook’s mobile apps have never been up to par, whereas Instagram started as a mobile app and has navigated the field well. There is a lot for Facebook to learn from Instagram; and I have no doubt the $1 billion will pay off handsomely.

As for my thoughts on how the Instagram app will fare in this business deal, I tend to agree with the 35 percent who don’t have high hopes. I love Instagram’s cozy setting much like I loved Facebook’s intimacy before it opened up to users who were not in college. Yes, I know Instagram is already extremely visible with over 30 million registered users, however I worry it will become more commercialized with Facebook. I also can’t help but associate Facebook with privacy concerns, which is one issue I never worried about with Instagram before. Hopefully I will be proven wrong and continue to enjoy Instagram for years to come. What are your thoughts on the acquisition?