Practically every business, big or small, is using some form of social media these days. But, who’s actually using these tools well? One company I’ve come across that has a great handle on social media is Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (BBC). BBC uses Facebook, Twitter, and a blog to spread brand awareness and interact with consumers.

BBC’s use of its Facebook page has enabled the company to connect with customers in unorthodox ways. In February the company launched a Facebook campaign that allowed the public to vote for their favorite discontinued lipstick shades from a list of the top ten most requested colors. The top winners will be reintroduced and available for purchase exclusively through Facebook this fall. As Lauren Indvik for Mashable notes, BBC’s campaign “both rewards brand loyalists and builds purchase anticipation over time.”

BBC’s Twitter accounts are another great example of the company’s social media prowess. BBC has two accounts, each designed to meet different needs. The @BobbiBrown account tweets mainly about new products and different makeup looks. It serves as more of a general publicity tool. On the other hand, the @AskBobbiBrown account is more specific and targeted to helping customers. Through this account employees answer consumer questions, recommend products specifically suited for users, and even offer customers the option of chatting online with live “Bobbi artists.” Once again, BBC is helping to create and sustain brand loyalty with their social media practices.

@AskBobbiBrown Twitter account

BBC’s separation of the Twitter accounts is a great move in my opinion. Many companies rely on one account for all of their needs, thus deterring users from following them. After all, who wants to follow an account that simply responds to customer praise and criticism all of the time? I would much rather follow a company who tweets about new products and tips while having the option of contacting another Twitter account with my questions and concerns.

Another great aspect of BBC’s social media is its blog, Everything Bobbi, which appears to actually be written by the company’s founder. It is true, many companies and/or their CEOs have blogs. So, what’s special about this one? The best way I can explain it is that this blog is refreshing. Sure, some product placement and makeup tutorials are present (what else would you expect?), but the blog doesn’t make me feel as if it’s another way for the company to try and ram their merchandise down my throat. This “refreshing” quality is created by the variety of topics Bobbi covers in her posts. Beauty is often discussed, but she also covers other interesting areas, such as health, fashion, books, and organization. The posts are written with a conversational tone and invite consumer input. She also hosts contests and giveaways, driving more consumer interaction and visibility for the blog. 

Everything Bobbi blog

Overall, I think BBC’s social media strategies are superb. I believe BBC has a bright future in social media as long as the company stays on top of customer feedback and continues to grow and perfect the @AskBobbiBrown account.